Blacksmith Revolution/Pure Earth
Blacksmith Revolution/Pure Earth: Toxic pollution poses health risks to over 200 million people, particularly children, in low- and middle-income countries. This is a finite problem that can be solved in our lifetime. Blacksmith Institute works in some of the world's worst polluted places, sharing resources and expertise with local groups and agencies to solve pollution problems, clean up polluted sites, and save lives.
100 Good Deeds
100 Good Deeds: Mary Fisher had just released her memoir, Messenger, a story of discovering joy in service, when she met Thomas Morgan, filmmaker and father, who created the 100 Good Deeds game with his family. Thomas shared the game with Mary who responded by creating the 100 Good Deeds bracelet. The bracelet is both a call to do good deeds and a strategy to empower women. Thomas' game and Mary’s bracelet have together launched a worldwide 100 Good Deeds movement. The rules of the game: A “good deed” means we’ve gone out of our way to help someone and only counts if the deed remains anonymous.